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graphic design

Graphic Design

Branding, logo design, flyers, newsletters, CD covers, book covers, magazine layouts, vehicle graphics - you name it, we'll design it! We produce work for digital media and print. If it can be printed on, from key ring to billboard, we'll design for it.

We use a Spyder Pro external monitor colour calibration system, to make sure that what we design is what you receive from the printers.

Please have a look at our graphic design portfolio and give us a call to talk about your project.

graphic design

Web Design

We can design and build websites of any size and any level of complexity, from a single page 'flyer' to a large database driven e-commerce site.

We have an in depth knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS. We are acutely aware of the importance of accessibility and search engine optimizations for the success of any site.

Please have a look at our web design portfolio.

Are you an artist? We create affordable and effective online galleries that include a choice of facilities to suit your specific needs. Showcase and sell your work online and easily manage your site, personally updating content as and when you wish. read more »
graphic design

Interactive Design

Interactivity can be anything from a snazzy button to a full online game or application. An example of a simple piece of interactive design can be seen in the 3 coloured squares at the top left corner of this page - roll your mouse over them to reveal our contact details.

We can create interactivity for your website, 2D Flash games, 3D games in Director, interactive CD-ROMs, DVD menus and various other types of software for business or leisure applications. Please browse our interactive design portfolio and call us to discuss your ideas.

graphic design


Due to greater bandwidths, animation is increasingly used on the internet in headers and advertising banners, as well as in more subtle and integrated forms, creating ever richer online environments. We will be happy to discuss the use of animation as part of any website or e-marketing campaign.

Our lead animator, John-James Lloyd, has a BA hons degree in Multimedia Design and Digital Animation. He specialized in 3D animation, but is also experienced with 2D, especially using Macromedia Flash (now Adobe).

Whatever type of animation you are considering, from internet ad banner or animated DVD menu through to a fully animated TV advert, please call us to discuss your ideas. In the meantime, have a look at some of our work in the animation portfolio.

graphic design
vector illustrationspacerwatercolour and inkspacervector illustration


We are currently working on a number of digital illustrations, using vector, 3D and pixel based applications, for display in our portfolio. We create bespoke illustrations on a commission bases as well as royalty free images that can be downloaded from external sites. Take a look through our growing illustration portfolio.
graphic design

3d Design

3D software can be used for very practical purposes, such as an artist's representation of a proposed building or to see inside a working engine. It also has more expressive potential as part of an illustration, logo or animation.

3D is a vast subject, which is evolving rapidly. Because of this, we always use the newest and most powerful software and keep up to date with the latest techniques. You can see examples of what this powerful technology can do in our 3D design portfolio.

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